1. Flawless

    It’s really difficult to live every day with confidence when people around you clearly have a problem with the way you look. I have a message for those people: I look fantastic. All of my imperfections, all of my fatness, all of my chins, all of my rolls, all of my dimples, all of my cellulite, and so on and so forth, make me flawless. I know what I need to do for myself, and that’s no one else’s concern but mine. From now on, I respond with, “I woke up like this.” That. Is. All.

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    Flawless Sweatshirt, Flawless, I woke up like this, fat, fatshion, beyonce, beyhive, plus fashion, plus size, fat girl, curvy, curvy fashion, thick, curves, bbw

    ASOS Leggings, Flawless Sweatshirt, Flawless, I woke up like this, fat, fatshion, beyonce, beyhive, plus fashion, plus size, fat girl, curvy, curvy fashion, thick, curves, bbw, ASOS, ASOS Curve, Tribal Leggings, Aztec Leggings

    ASOS Tribal Leggings, ASOS Leggings, Flawless Sweatshirt, Flawless, I woke up like this, fat, fatshion, beyonce, beyhive, plus fashion, plus size, fat girl, curvy, curvy fashion, thick, curves, bbw, ASOS, ASOS Curve, Tribal Leggings, Aztec Leggings

    Bumblebee Necklace, Crystal, jewelry, costume jewelry

    Outift Deets: Beyonce “Flawless” Sweatshirt: $65 here; Leggings: ASOS Curve $20 {{{No longer available, but other styles here}}} Necklace: $8.99 Jane.com; Booties: Gifted from my girl Caitlin over at woreoutblog.com

  2. Wardrobe Essential: Black Pumps

    I found these Cole Haan pumps a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist showing you sugar muffins. It should be illegal how much (err, how little) I got these for. No wardrobe is complete without a great pair of black pumps. They don’t have to be patent or even leather, but the black pump has ALWAYS been in style and will never go away. Because I already have a small collection of black shoes in my very large collection of shoes, I gave these to my mom, who is in denial that she also has a fairly large shoe collection. Love you, Kiki.

    cole haan shoes, cole haan, pumps, heels, high heels, patent leather, black heels

    cole haan shoes, cole haan, pumps, heels, high heels, patent leather, black heels

    cole haan shoes, cole haan, pumps, heels, high heels, patent leather, black heels

    //UPDATES// I sprained my ankle in January and am finally able to wear anything but my walking boot. Outfit posts to come soon. This winter has been brutal, so my lack of motivation overtook me. On a better note, I’m moving! I’m headed to Florida May 1st! After living all my life in the Northeast (between upstate NY and VT), I’ve had it with the cold and the whole miserable atmosphere of the area. I also want to be in a city. Enough with the little city ego! I was originally supposed to move to NYC 2 years ago, but I really can’t do the cold anymore. Good changes. I’m going to be happy.
  3. Meanwhile In Vermont…

    It’s snowing… again. Am I complaining? Certainly not! It’s a million times better than ICE. You’d think that since I grew up in Upstate New York I’d be used to this. Well, I’m not. I laugh when I hear people from NYC and other big cities of the cold… Honey, come to New England and you’ll know “cold”. I’m dreaming of a time when these pictures were taken…

    On a side note, I was nervous about trying the “leather” legging look considering my crater-sized cellulite marks, but I threw caution to the wind and did it. Now I wear these all the time and am considering getting more textured ones. 

    I was just looking back at my posts from when T&T first started… and I think it’s safe to say “what was I thinking?!” I was trying to figure out my real style. It’s constantly evolving, but now I’m not dressing just to blog. I’m actually putting effort into my outfits and don’t stress about it. Thank goodness.

     ASOS, ASOS Curve, Leather leggings, ASOS leggings, plus size, curvy

    vermont, foliage, autumn, fall, vermont foliage,

    fall folaige, autumn, foliage, fall, leaf peeping, vermont

    vermont, foliage, autumn, fall, leaf peeping

    vermont, fall, foliage, autumn, leaf peeping

    smuggs, smugglersnotch, vermont, fall, foliage, autumn, leaf peeping

    ASOS curve, curvy, asos, my style, ootd, wedge sneakers, fat fashion, fatshion, curvy fashion, thick, thrifty, plus size Outfit deets: Baseball Jacket: $20 ASOS Curve (no longer available, but still an awesome collection here); “Leather” Zipper Biker Leggings: $32.67 ASOS Curve (These sold out FAST but they have even more styles here); Wedge Sneakers: $34.99 Target (Now on SALE here); Sunglasses: $12.99 Target (more cateye’s here); Woven ruffle tunic $20 Lane Bryant

  4. Queen of Hearts

    "People will stare. Make it worth their while." —-Harry Winston

    I can’t agree more with Harry. It’s not every day, especially where I live, that you see a fashionable fat girl. Most women of all sizes in Vermont dress in frumpy, comfortable clothes than fashion-forward clothing. I live in the biggest “city” in Vermont- Burlington- which has a number of lovely chic boutiques, but NONE of them offer plus-size selections. Aside from having a serious grudge (in which I’m outspoken) about that, I have an even more serious challenge to look stylish, on a budget, and being the size 20 that I am. I have 5 words for you: Thank God for ASOS Curve. They’ve been my go-to source (aside from my beloved secondhand shoppes) for fashion. These peg pants are ASOS. The “chicing up PJ’s” thing is in right now, and I think these definitely look PJ-ish, but it all depends on how you style them. I later wore them high-waisted (as seen in the bottom pic) and felt so confident showing off my curves. Yes, I got stares. Stare away, I look fantastic. 

    high waisted, high waist, pants, heart pants, harem pants, chubby, chubby fashion, fat, fat fashion, fatshion, curvy, curvy fashion, plus size, plus size fashion, ootd, personal style, my style, asos

    smile, pretty, beautiful, dimples, cute, chubby

    coconut, bracelet, natural, jewelry

    high waisted, high waist, pants, heart pants, harem pants, chubby, chubby fashion, fat, fat fashion, fatshion, curvy, curvy fashion, plus size, plus size fashion, ootd, personal style, my style

    Chambray button-up: Gap $25; Cardigan: Thrifted $5.99; Pashmina: Borrowed; Peg Pants: ASOS Curve (here) $29.95; Seychelles Booties (no longer available-more here) via Goodwill: $7.99; Coconut Bracelet: Thrifted $1.99

  5. I really appreciate you doing men's posts. I often wonder what it is that my "ideal" kinda woman would find attractive and so I appreciate the insight :-)

    And I really appreciate your feedback! It’s nice to be someone’s “ideal” woman. Definitely sharply-dressed men are my ideal, but then when he wants to kick back, a pair of jeans, white tee, and tims are right on.

  6. One Fleeting Summer Day

    You know those days when everything you do is unplanned and completely spontaneous? I had one of those days this quickly-fading season, and oh how whimsical it was! Summer and I have had a long-standing love affair, once per year, for the last 28 years (Very Same Time, Next Year). My darling girlfriends from NY decided to come for a visit, and not only was their company stress free, but refreshing. I had just left an awful job, so therefore was jobless, and had only a few hundred dollars to my name. No, money isn’t everything, but it is the root of all evil… necessary evils included. Thankfully, my friends are almost as frugal as yours truly. We took advantage of some free (which proved to be priceless moments) things to do in Burlington and the surrounding area. Scroll down to catch what I considered to be pretty much my favorite day/weekend of the summer. 

    First stop: Magic Hat Brewery


    elephant, vermont, magic hat, brewery, art, sculpture

    lock, art, door, metal, magic hat, sculpture.jpg

    photobooth, funny, girls, beer, magic hat

    art, grafitti, magic hat, vermont, painting

    art, abstract, grafitti, magic hat, vermont, brewery, beer.jpg

    magic hat, lady, brewery, beer, vermont

    me, selfie, funny, selfie, pose

    magic hat, brewery, beer, local, vermont, summer ale, beer

    photobooth, girls, brew, beer, vermont, magic hat, silly, funny, pretty.jpg

    Next Stop: An Artistic Friend’s Equally Artful Home

    art, tree, paper mache, mosaic, home, decor, home decor, vermont.jpg

    hobbit, door, hobbit door, magic door, old door, home, decor, home decor.jpg

    lady of the lake, decor, earth, home, art carving, woodwork, femme

    art, home, decor, painting, cameo, diy

    bathing woman, bathing, bath, bathroom, home, decor, home decor

    nude, naked, bathing woman, bathing, bathroom, home decor, art

    lily pad, art, art room, guest bedroom, home decor, painting, natural, earthy, vermont

    summer, summertime, summertime food, dinner, eat, healthy, delicious

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    selfie, sunbathing, swimsuit, curvy, thick, chic, classy, smile

    (Naturally I had to slip a selfie in here)

    summer, camp, lake, swimming, silhouette, lady, curvy, woman, summertime, fun

    summertime, summer, summer sunset, sunset, beautiful, landscape, majestic

    It was at this moment that I felt content. What a perfect day.

  7. Summer Beauty Standards

    It’s hot. Freakin’ hot. I ain’t complaining, though… I’m moving into this weather, so I better get used to it, yah? I love it. It’s wonderful. I’m not an Eskimo (yes, I’ve been asked this before)! Although I absolutely love the warm months, there are a few things I (and every other woman) worry about: 1. My rolls, cracks, and crevices are the size of the San Andreas fault, and with that comes sweating. My biggest fear is sitting for long periods of time, then standing up and having a giant sweat mark down my butt. #fatgirlproblems Yeah, you heard right. 2. Chub-rub. You know when your thighs rub together? Yup, that’s what I call it. You know that chaffing that happens? Yeah, it sucks. My solution? Vaseline! I’m not usually one to rub petroleum onto my body, but, when you come up with some natural/organic magic balm made from baby tears, you let this girl know. In the meantime, I’m going to rub that sticky Saudi-Arabian goodness in. So with all of this TMI going on, the last thing I should be worrying about is my makeup beading up and dripping/smearing off. I love me my MAC, but it has no place on me in 500,000% humidity. It’s a shame because I enjoy looking like a drag queen like the next chick, but it just doesn’t work out for me as I end up looking like Heath Ledger’s Joker after an hour. It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally found my go-to summer makeup regimen. 

    Before I show you my goods, here’s my bare-nekkid skin before anything was applied. Thankfully for both of us, my rosacea wasn’t all that bad the day I took these. 

    natural, no makeup, bare skin, rosacea, natural beauty.jpg

    And Now that you’ve seen what I look like in the morning, this is what I look like after my summer makeup regimen:

    minerals, bbcream, beauty balm, physicians formula, bronzer, lipstick, mascara, summer makeup, summer beauty, natural, natural makeup, natural beauty.jpg

    None of this is edited. I’m all about brightening my face and featuring my best assets: my eyes and lips. 

    Here’s what I use:

    physicians formula, bbcream, beauty balm, foundation, makeup, clean, healthy, loose minerals, minerals, bronzer, skinn pallet, mascara

    1. Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-One Beauty Balm Powder (at most major retailers and here) $13.95; This is my new favorite product I use as a foundation. It’s THE best BB anything I’ve ever used. The coverage is flawless and it doesn’t burn my skin. 

    2. Covergirl TruBlend mineral bronzer (at most major retailers; see more here)

    3. Skinn Cosmetic Palette of Perfection (purchase here) This little baby has everything you need (minus foundation). I have parts of this on my eyes and lips. 

    4. Maybelline Volum’ Express The Colossal Mascara (at most major retailers; see more here) I have a hard time wearing fake lashes because my eyes are the size of peanuts. This is the next best option. I’m always getting compliments on my lashes when I wear this. 

    So there you have it. And don’t forget that in addition to looking as beeeautiful as me, remember your confidence. It will make you stand out. 

    Talk to me, peeps! What’s going on with you? Do you suffer from chub rub, too? Comment belowwwwww.

  8. K-Mart Steps It Up With LYS

    One thing I’ve griped about for years is that with the already limited selection of plus-size clothing available, rarely is it fashionable. For years, the only affordable options weren’t fashion-forward and most fast-fashion quality is sub-par. Thankfully, there are more fashionable options for us larger ladies, and in more mainstream retailers. K-Mart has thoroughly satisfied my thirst for fashionable, affordable, quality pieces with LYS (Love Your Style, Love Your Size). I have a few different tops by them and they’ve held up very well so far considering I didn’t break the bank AT ALL with them. Check it out here. And for my standard-sized thrifty friends, I recommend you check out Sofia Vergara’s line at K-Mart here. Do you have any fav pieces? Let me know in the comments below!

    burlington, vermont, church street, sam edelman shoes, gladiators, kmart, sheer top, old navy, cutoffs, diy, psblogger, plus size, ootd, style, fashion, hot weather fashion, collar necklace, colorblock, jewelry, curvy woman, thrifty, thick

    Burlington, Vermont, fashion, fatshion, fat fashion, ootd, style, kmart, old navy, cutoffs, diy shorts, sam edelman shoes, psblogger, plus size, plus size fashion, plus size clothing, sheer top, style, my style

    collar necklace, kmart, sheer top, plus size, ootd, hot weather, unique jewelry, earthy jewelry

    What I’m wearing: Kmart sheer top $21.99 (On sale now!); DIY Old Navy cutoffs $5.99 (They have a GREAT selection of cutoffs on-sale right now); Sam Edelman gladiators $42 (no longer available, but LOTS of options on Zappos); Neckalce (seen here) Zinnia $11.99

  9. If The Pants Don’t Fit…

    …fix ‘em! I bought these pink Gap slim cropped pants (here) for $1.97 (they were price-killed) in a size 16. I ain’t no 16. I’m a 20. So, how did I get these 16’s to fit my bubble butt? I added purple and black zebra print side panels! I found the fabric on clearance for $7 (it’s an upholstery fabric, but I obviously don’t care). It was surprisingly easy to do. All it takes are some simple measurements and simple sewing skills. If you don’t know how to use a sewing machine, ask someone you know… you’re bound to find someone who will teach you the basics and you’ll be good to go!

    Tshirt: Old Navy (here); Shoes & Pants: Gap; Clutch: Old Navy

  10. Get On Your Bike

    Since the weather is getting nicer and nicer, it gives me more opportunity to ride my bike and have some time to myself. I just started a new career and thus have been undergoing much stress (a lot of it is self-induced as I psych myself out often). Although I do spend a lot of my time alone, going for a ride gets me away from the computer and outside. I just hop on the bikepath and pedal to one of the many beaches near my house. I don’t like our private beach as we have to practically climb a mountain to get to and from it. Not fun for a fat girl in heat. Besides, there’s more to see at the park beaches. 

    I was able to ride to a local beach the other day, lay out my vintage picnic blanket, and enjoy my latest read “Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley” (History nerd!). It was perfect.

    What do you do during the warm months to unwind?

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